Marketing & Business Coach

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For the CEO or an average Joe, The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content Corey Dissin has provided grass roots guidance and has mentored professionals around the world to 10x their personal brands and unique selling positions through social media as a one-on-one marketing and business coach.  Entrepreneurs also rely on Corey’s motivational support to create a pragmatic and personalized approach to organize time, get you out of your own way, refine sales communications and optimize business infrastructures. As a long-serving head of two national corporations, owner of two others, and founder and president of a 501c3 non-profit, Corey puts his experience and acumen from all three to work for his clients on day one.  Whether you need a co-pilot and counselor as your one-on-one marketing advisor, your brand identity and collateral revamped with The Dissin Design Team, or virtual administrative help through the Corey’s Business Bodyguard, Corey Dissin has the guts and the nuts to help you and your business to GO GET IT!