Hey Everybody, it’s time to go ONE MORE ROUND – brought to you by Corey’s Fight C.L.U.B. and today I want to talk to you guys about something I frequently manage with my clients as many of them fear their marketing efforts.  They get easily distracted falling down rabbit holes, so I help to corral them using some simple, yet effective time management techniques.

I preach often on the importance of having to spend time every day, it’s got to be routine, on your marketing. Being consistent, showing up, contributing to your content marketing, and engaging on your content.

Some of you are spending time absorbing and consuming a lot of content, then things wind up getting away from you and you’re not able to do the rest of your job. So, I’m going to give you a few simple time management techniques you can use to handle your time better. With these tips, you will wind up completing everything you need to do each day while still consistently showing up to do your marketing efforts.

The first thing is you got to do MORE than just SAY you’re going to market yourself everyday. You have to do MORE than say you’re going to do marketing everyday after the gym, or before breakfast, during your lunch or when you get home. You have to do MORE than just make that verbal commitment.

What I challenge you do is to book an appointment with yourself. If you have a day planner, write it in the day planner from, for example,  7 – 7:30am  “Marketing.” If you have a  desktop calendar, the big desk pad, write it on there: from 8 – 8.15am LinkedIn. If you have one of these fancy contraptions (cellphone) type it in the calendar and make a physical appointment. This way, when you check your schedule, you see there is an appointment that you need to attend; It’s just like going to the doctor, attending a meeting, or going to get your car repaired. You have it in there and you’re committed to: from __ until __, you’re going to be dedicated to doing your marketing.

To avoid going down other rabbit holes, I’m going to give you this other time management technique by using your cell phones. Cellphones are equipped with cool little timers. Set the time from when you start.

Let’s say you’re going to spend a half hour, so set your cell timer for 30 minutes and it will count down for you. Once it hits zero, an alarm will go off. When it goes off, STOP! Even if you think you haven’t completed everything you wanted to get done, at least you know that you spent 30 minutes in your marketing efforts.

I want you to remember those 2 things: book an appointment for yourself, and use the timer on your phone so you don’t get distracted, carried away, or going off on a tangent when you’re on social media, doing your marketing, emails, or even cold calls.

Go book those appointments. Go use that timer, and Go Get It!


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