Get These 3 Professionals in Your Corner to Support Your Business

YO, what do you say GO GET IT NATION!  Quick chance here to just get real for a moment, and I want to mention 3 types of professionals that no one is really talking about in the voiceover community that is essential for your voiceover business. Now, I’m not talking about a performance coach, I’m not talking about a demo producer, I’m not even talking about a marketing coach – although all 3 of those you should have in your hip pocket ready to go to support your business. What I am going to say is the 3 people that are essential for you to add to your business network are:

  • An attorney
  • Financial adviser
  • Accountant

If you don’t have solid relationships with these 3 types of professionals, you need to start setting that up now.  Don’t wait until you get into some sort of legal trouble to go hunt down a lawyer. Don’t wait until you screw up on your tax return until you hook up with a CPA, and don’t wait until you’ve been working for 5 years until you start investing your money.

Believe me when I tell you all 3 of these types of pros are essential to growing your voiceover business. They played a major role for me when I set up my move from suburban Philadelphia to the middle of bum – you know where – Virginia.

They were vital in executing that plan for me, so I can’t stress enough – establish a great relationship with an accountant, an attorney, and with a financial advisor that will support your business, and you’ll be set up for a long time, and a LOT of peace of mind.




Corey Dissin

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