Are you ready to go ONE MORE ROUND with the Fight C.L.U.B.?

Today I was messing around on Google, and I found out that the average weight of a human being is 137lbs. That’s right, one hundred and thirty-seven pounds is the average weight of a human being. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Corey, what the heck does that have to do with being successful in my entrepreneurial efforts; why is knowing that particular ‘factoid’ going to help me in my business life?” Stay tuned– I’m going to tell you how RIGHT NOW.

Imagine, you had to walk around EVERY DAY with that 137lbs. Picture it as an iron plate, chain, or something and it’s wrapped around your neck. From the moment you wake up, it’s there. When you get up, shower, brush your teeth, eat your breakfast and when you go to work… it’s there! You’re carrying that 137lbs with you wherever you go. It’s complete drudgery; you would be miserable.

The reality is, most of you are walking around like that EVERY DAY. You’re towing around this extra 137lbs – and you know what that is? It’s the toxic person (or people) in your life who’s very negative. Who’s constantly bringing drama to your life–they’re not really supporting you.

Out of the corner of their mouth, they’re saying, “Oh yeah, do a great job, Jim; I hope everything goes well,” but out of the other corner of their mouth they’re saying, “Boy, what a jerk. He’s not going to go anywhere.” Those are the hundred and thirty-seven pounders that I’m talking about.

If you continue to spend your entire day walking around chained to these people you’re not gonna be successful. Do yourself a favor, break the chains move away from these toxic people that are holding you back from being successful and watch what happens. You would never, ever, walk around with 137lbs chained around your neck in real life – why would you do it figuratively?

So remember what I said and go get the bolt cutters; go cut those chains and GO GET IT!