3 Professionals You NEED to Support Your Business

Get These 3 Professionals in Your Corner to Support Your Business YO, what do you say GO GET IT NATION!  Quick chance here to just get real for a moment, and I want to mention 3 types of professionals that no one is really talking about in the voiceover community that is essential for your…


LinkedIn Tip to Advancing Your Voiceover Career

STOP making this LinkedIn Mistake and START Advancing Your Voiceover Career! What’s going on GO GET IT NATION! It’s time to go get real for a moment – talking about Agents. I’m seeing a lot online with ‘this talent’ has signed with this agency, or ‘that talent’ has landed with another agency. I think that…


The 4 Fundamentals to Mind Your Voiceover Business

You can deliver behind the mic, but can you deliver behind the desk?  Do you have difficulty organizing and keeping your business afloat? It’s time to MIND your voiceover business as we dive into some fundamentals to ensure you’re crushing it so you can be ‘the total package.’     Some Key Points from the…


Podcast Marketing Strategy

Power Up Your Podcast Marketing Strategy!

Have you ever thought about doing a podcast as a part of your small business strategy? Let’s dive into how you can power up a podcast marketing strategy that’s not only a great way to create a sustainable online presence, but it gives you a platform to educate and promote your products and services.  …


email strategy

How to Create a Winning Email Strategy!

Is your emailing techniques on the ropes? Today we dive into how you can create a winning email strategy and address 6 mistakes you’re making with your emailing habits so you can become an emailing CHAMPION!     Some Key Points from the Video: Do you have a winning email fight strategy? Are you an…


build up your sales strength SM

Build up Your Sales Strength

Have you ever wondered how you can K.O. your sales techniques?  Today we’ll dive into how you can build up your sales strength.  We’ll cover a bit on how to increase your sales outreach, not letting the fear get in your way of making the sale, and the variety of tools you should have in…


social media videos

The Basics to K.O. your Social Media Videos!

Welcome to Go Get It LIVE with Corey Dissin – the undisputed heavyweight champion of content.  In today’s episode we dive into the growing demand of video in your social media strategy, discussing how you can KO your social media videos beginning with the basics so whether you’re just starting or you’ve already dabbled a…


voiceover website

5 Elements to a Winning Voiceover Website!

Welcome to Go Get It LIVE with Corey Dissin – the undisputed heavyweight champion of content.  In today’s episode, we dive into the elements of a winning voiceover website.  Better yet to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, I’m giving you 5 elements to a winning website, plus 5 basic ways you should be marketing, which is…


voiceover industry

Don’t WANT Things to Happen, WILL Them – In The Voiceover Industry

I see so many ridiculously talented folks in the voiceover industry who, unfortunately, are so preoccupied and enamored with their own SKILL but wondering why the voiceover buying public doesn’t feel the same way about their abilities.  They then protest when their peers charge less yet end up earning more when they should be fixated…


boost your branding

Breaking Brand: How to Boost Your Branding!

Welcome to Go Get It LIVE with Corey Dissin – the undisputed heavyweight champion of content.  In today’s episode we dive into the importance of Breaking Brand, utilizing effective resources to boost your branding, and covering the #1 mistake you’re probably making with your branding.   You’ll want to listen to every word in today’s video…