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IMAGINE THIS: The plumber you just hired to install new fixtures in your bathroom posts this on FB, “YAHOO! I just charged the Johnsons 17 GRAND to pop in a sink & toilet. Wouldn’t take a penny less!” Or the painter who threw a few coats on your den posts, “Thanks to the Smiths for…


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▶️ Your professionally produced demo is all done. NOW, WHAT? 🎙️ The Neumann or Sennheiser hangs in the studio. NOW, WHAT? 🗣️ You worked with an A-list performance coach. NOW, WHAT? 🌐 You attended an on-line conference packed with industry celebs. NOW, WHAT? 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️ You joined a few VO social media groups. NOW, WHAT? ✍️…


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Your Voice-Over Business Needs to Be Authentic

This person has a white coat. Does that make him a doctor? This person is standing in a hospital. Does that make him a doctor? This person is wearing a stethoscope. Does that make him a doctor? The coat, hospital, and stethoscope don’t make him a doctor. That equipment just creates the “image” of a…


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The ‘Karate Kid’ Moment in Your Marketing Journey!

The Cobra Kai reboot chronicling the perils of Daniel & Johnny, along with the flashbacks to the teachings of Mr. Miyagi got me thinking how much this pop-culture phenomenon parallels your marketing journey. Have you had YOUR Karate Kid moment? In your pursuit of career success, so many of you only focus on that climactic…


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Voice Talent: Do you have a particular set of skills?

Voiceover talent: do you have a particular set of skills to helps you stand out? Skills such as. . . ➡️ creating compelling graphics in apps like Spark or Canva. ➡️ overlaying a logo on your video. ➡️ writing and posting a blog. ➡️ recording and producing a podcast. ➡️ accumulating and engaging with social…


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To the Bullies on Social Media

I DON’T GIVE A S*** HOW MUCH YOU CHARGE FOR YOUR SERVICES. Let me be crystal clear about that first. With that said, as I continue to witness bullies on the social media playground berating and blasting others about what rates are too low from the comfort of their keyboards, I decided enough is enough.…



VOICE TALENT: Do you have a security blanket?

VOICE TALENT: Do you have a security blanket? I hear it all the time…   “I did _____ P2P auditions this week!” “I’ve done _____ P2P auditions since I started and I’ve only landed _____ gigs.” “I passed on that P2P audition because the rate was _____.”   ⏱️ All of that time invested in…


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A Note to All You Coaches Out There!

A Note for All the VO Coaches Out There!   Go Get It Nation and beyond! I feel compelled to share with you a little something. I was trading some messages this morning and there’s something that’s been going on out there that’s REALLY burning my rear end. I think it’s important that we discuss…


Voiceover Marketing Questions with Corey Dissin

During our pop up round of Go Get It LIVE, we answer voiceover marketing questions from the Go Get It Nation and announce the winner, who punched the 100th ticket on the Go Get It Express! You won’t want to miss this episode. With all the incredible questions we got during the show we were…


3 Professionals You NEED to Support Your Business

Get These 3 Professionals in Your Corner to Support Your Business YO, what do you say GO GET IT NATION!  Quick chance here to just get real for a moment, and I want to mention 3 types of professionals that no one is really talking about in the voiceover community that is essential for your…