Do You Need a Hand?

Work-life balance can be overwhelming.  Putting in the requisite hours at the office. . . Spending time with family and friends. . .Eating healthy and exercising. . . Handling daily errands and futilely attempting to clear your inbox. The pressure to maintain all of those at optimum levels is daunting.

But you don’t have to attack them alone. . .

There is help available. . .

There is a way to add that 25th hour to your day. . .

There is someone that has your back!

Corey’s Business Bodyguard can alleviate that stress and anxiety with a virtual team ready to absorb those tasks you find time consuming, energy draining, or that just make you miserable!

Corey’s Business Bodyguard can add an extra layer of peace of mind with:

  • Emails and follow-ups

  • Organization

  • Document creation

  • Content proofing/editing

  • Charting/databases/spreadsheets

  • Financial reports

  • Website monitoring

  • Website analytics

  • Website updates

  • Social media updates

  • Social media scheduling

  • Transcribing videos

  • Uploading, Posting & Maintaining Blogs

  • Lead research

  • Cloud file organization

  • Product ordering

  • eCommerce maintenance

  • Digital appointment booking

Corey’s Business Bodyguard is available with or without one-on-one marketing coaching.

Our business bodyguard packages come equipped with your own virtual administrative assistant to help you make everyday tasks go a little faster.

Contact Corey today to customize a protection plan for you!