The easiest recommendation I will ever write will be for this man and the company he runs/represents. Actually, it is one of the most difficult because I cannot come up with words better than Excellent, Amazing, Consistent, STRONG, SHARP, Loyal, Trustworthy etc.. to describe him.

VP Forrest & Blake Advertising & Host of Digital Dealer Conference

I’ve worked with Corey for over ten years. I can sum it up this way…Corey’s execution is the best I’ve ever seen. Period. End of story.

Rich Wesselt

I have known Corey Dissin for most of my life. . .He has always been a competitor and a hard worker. His company and team members continue with those same attributes.

All of his team members have proven to be creative, responsive and a pleasure to work with through a few projects. They give me a comfort level that I know I can trust them with getting things done quickly and professionally. I trust them with a really important asset in our brands image. Glad to have them as partners!

CEO, Drive Planning

I’ve known Corey for well over 25 years and I’ve watched him grow and develop into a real FORCE in not only business along with helping and driving everyday people to their absolute BEST! In this world of chaos and confusion it’s good to know that there are still people in this world like Corey Dissin that can be trusted, that you can count on!

Chief Content Officer, React LLC.

If you are looking for a guy that is 100% all-in.. Corey Dissin is your guy. Passionate, committed, knowledgeable- nobody better. And, he does not just talk about “it”. He is in the trenches everyday working and leading by example.

World Champion High Performance Coach

Can you imagine any successful business without a logo?  Yeah, me either.

Do you need one?  Go use who we used – The Dissin Design Team.

Let me tell you something, these guys hit it out of the park for us. They are professional, timely, full of great insight and ideas, and exceeded all of our expectations.

Corey and the Dissin Design Team have my highest of recommendations.


The GO GET IT team lead by Corey Dissin is the real deal!!! Corey has a no-quit attitude and his highly qualified team allowed me to focus on my coaching strengths and my writing. Corey’s program has flexibility to meet your needs as well as a social media strategy to do it all for you. Corey was able to set me up on podcasts with his well developed network of associates as well as create content and manage my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts on a daily basis. This program is a NO BRAINER for anybody that is serious about focusing on their expertise and letting the professionals like Corey Dissin and his GO GET IT team grow your business with you.

Joseph Turchi

Working with Corey has been the utmost pleasure. . .He’s truly one of a kind in the business world. He is filled with knowledge for days and tons of wisdom on how to grow your business. I came to him as my business was struggling in the summer months and he was exactly the remedy I needed. His words lifted me from the funk I was in and my company landed 4 new clients very quickly. This was because Corey motivated me to be a better CEO and boss to my employees. I can’t thank Corey enough for the work he did with Eisman Digital. I recommend him to any looking for a great coach who motivates and helps you execute a tailored game plan to your business needs.

CEO at Eisman Digital Consulting

The intensity that Corey brings to his process is highly contagious. He will get you excited to reach your goals and wants to help you get there, and most importantly, holds you accountable to achieve the goals set. His execution is always spot on. Love having him on my side.

Owner, McMorrow Financial

Working with Corey and his team has been an incredibly positive experience. The responsiveness and ability to take ownership of my company’s vision are unmatched. Furthermore, it shows in the delivery of his work.


Thank you to you and your team for revamping my website!

My website was 15 years old and in need of serious remodelling. . . Changes were made promptly at my request to tweak the design.  The new webpage is clean and easy to use.  I can’t thank you enough for your efforts.  I highly recommend your services.

Owner - Jimmy's BBQ

“Working with Corey and his team has been nothing short of amazing. From start to finish, The Dissin Design Team understood what I want and needed and delivered a website that fit the brand and its style.Corey was extremely upfront about how he could help and followed through on that promise.For me, Corey separates himself from the rest by his coaching.As a née entrepreneur, I would find myself doubting my abilities in what I wanted to do. Corey was able to quickly tell when I was having a moment and pushed me just enough to get me moving again.”


I hired Corey because after experiencing his work over the years, I trusted his wisdom, work ethic and knew could get me results.

The work Corey and I did together absolutely fortified my business. I saw clear results week after week and what I learned from Corey is time released. I’m getting a great return on investment as clients continue to find me through my social media channels.

Corey knows his stuff. If he doesn’t have an immediate answer he finds it quickly. That’s the kind of marketing partner you want in your corner.

Executive Communication Coach, iVoice Communication

Working with Corey has taught me to go “One More Round”  in business and in life.

The difference maker comes when you are tired, burned out, overwhelmed, anxious and you think you can’t do any more.

That’s when it’s time to step it up and go one more round!!

President | JAB Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Working with Team Dissin was all I had hoped it would be. Corey lived up to his persona of being a no-nonsense business owner who gets that your time is important! Corey and Melle did what they promised and have been very responsive to changes that I have needed since the original jobs were completed! I am a Dissin Lifer.

CEO, Torisk Pro Advisors

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Corey for 2 decades. Corey helped us tighten our branding with consistent messaging across all of our social media platforms. We achieved immediate results in our B2B outreach through LinkedIn…this would not have been possible without Corey’s help.

Chief Tailgating Officer | National Tailgating Experience

Corey was instrumental in the initial construction of our company. From consulting on website design to advice on the beginning stages of business development, Corey helped us expedite the process and avoid pitfalls along the way. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance. We would not be where we are today without him!

Owner/Founder of D1Bullpen