Punch Your Ticket On the Go Get It Express

You invest in a professional for your demos…You invest in professional performance coaches…So why aren’t you making an investment in a professional to help you with your branding and marketing?

DIY does not always equal ROI. Your well-produced demo and the latest studio gadgetry can’t help you if no one knows who you are. It’s possible to learn systems and processes to successfully market your voiceover business…

With Corey as a part of your team, you will be entrusting him to help differentiate you and provide you with grassroots guidance during your voiceover marketing and business coaching sessions which could include:

  • Creating a unique selling position that you can embrace

  • Refreshing and formatting your LinkedIn profile and Instagram bio

  • Learning techniques and best practices to boost your social media engagement

  • Developing branded pillar content and micro-content

  • Organizing your custom content calendar

  • Constructing compelling marketing emails and social media messages

  • Cultivating your lead list

  • Implementing tried-and-true tactics for cold-calls and follow-ups

  • Utilizing time management techniques

  • Transforming your activity into productivity

Think of Corey as your Creative Director, Social Media Advisor, and Sales Manager all wrapped up into one!

Once you’re on-board, you can expect to have up to 2 routine phone calls per month along with text/emails/social media messaging as needed throughout the month to achieve the objectives Corey sets forth for you.