Many entrepreneurs answer this question incorrectly because they confuse MARKETING with SALES.

SALES = Someone feeling comfortable enough to walk through your door to trade you money for your service.

MARKETING = Creating the attention to get your doorbell to ring.

That comfort level to close a sale is contingent upon your response time, your rates, your negotiation skills, your professionalism, and your communication.

But you’ll never get an opportunity to demonstrate those abilities if you fail to make the doorbell ring FIRST.

So how should you do that?

To fill your funnel with a healthy supply of potential doorbell ringers, you need to consistently grow these numbers:

:radio_button: connections
:radio_button: followers
:radio_button: views
:radio_button: impressions
:radio_button: likes
:radio_button: email opens
:radio_button: email clicks
:radio_button: email responses
:radio_button: DM exchanges

Now, some of you will see this list, and you’ll immediately vomit out content and carpet-bomb your contacts with DM’s and emails over the next few weeks. Others might dig through my social accounts to try and replicate what I’ve done.

And with no clear direction and no step-by-step system in place, you will be sorely disappointed.

What you haven’t seen are the YEARS of trial and error and the HUNDREDS (if not THOUSANDS) of deliberate actions that have been taken behind the scenes to create that oh-so-desired attention.


Did you hear that? Gotta go. . .Someone’s at my door. . .