Hey Everybody, it’s time to go ONE MORE ROUND – brought to you by Corey’s Fight C.L.U.B. Have you ever seen a post or heard someone say “I put the PRO in Professional,” but they don’t really say what that means? Today, I’m going to teach you what it means and how to put the PRO in professional!

The P-R-O stands for three things: be prepared, be responsive, and be organized. If you do those three things that could be the difference between being hired, not hired, re-hired, getting a raise, or getting a bump. I’ll explain further.

Being prepared: If you have an upcoming conference call, a meeting, or a presentation – you can’t wing it.  You can’t mail it in – you got to do your homework. It’s like, Business 101! Read a little bit, take notes, have an agenda, be prepared!

I know before I get on the phone with any of my clients I literally have a handwritten outlined agenda with items of everything I’m going to speak about with them at the time. Same thing if I’m conducting a meeting. I walk in there with an agenda saying, “We’re going to talk about ABC-123.” If you are prepared, your client will feel more comfortable and they will trust that you are going to be prepared for them when they start spending money on you.

Next is ‘R’: being responsive. I can remember bumping into some folks that would say if a person responds to a sales call to action like if you left a message and they call you back or they respond to a mailing you sent out, you want to sometimes make them simmer a little bit because you don’t want to be too eager. Holy Moly! That is just ridiculous! You want to jump on that opportunity.

That’s like getting a nibble on your fishing hook and then think, ‘Ahhh, maybe he’ll still be there in a few minutes…’ No! You want to reel them in right away. I have literally gotten thousands, upon thousands of dollars in business simply because I was willing to be the first in-line.

I take an immense amount of pride, and the Go Get It Nation – you guys know, when you email me, text, or when you jump on my social media content – I get back to you like that! I take a lot of pride in being responsive.

Show you’re eager. You are eager to help your client. You are eager to win them over. You are eager to gain their trust. Be eager. Be responsive. It’s cool! DO IT!

Lastly, be organized. I’ve seen so many really smart entrepreneurs that know their product, they know their service, they are tacticians of whatever they know how to do, however, they are unorganized.

They don’t send invoices out for weeks or even months. They don’t calculate receipts or have their books organized. Their offices are a mess, paper stacked up, things all over the place… inevitably that trickles down to your client and you’re running the risk of showing that you’re not buttoned-up. So, you want to make sure to be organized.

Remember, if you want to put the PRO in professional – go be prepared, go be responsive, and go get organized.

Go Get It!


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