Don’t say NO to social media: Learn to KNOW social media

Go Get It Nation, what’s going on everybody?  Listen, I gotta make a little Corey confessional here. You may not believe this, but there was a time I was NOT a fan of social media – at all. 

If we rewind back about 5 years ago I had no Instagram account, a Facebook account for a previous entrepreneurial venture that I had was banned because I got hacked, I think I hopped on Twitter, and I think maybe I had a couple thousand connections on LinkedIn. I hardly had a social presence and I barely understood how it could help my business.

The reality was, I said NO to social media because I didn’t KNOW social media. 

I didn’t know that to use social media for my business meant that it was not just a family album. It was not just a gallery of the food that I ate, or the places that I travelled. It wasn’t just a highlight reel.  

  • I didn’t know all of the benefits on how to cultivate no like and trust.
  • I didn’t know what being ever-present meant.
  • I didn’t know that branding was not just a catchy slogan, sharp looking logo or website. 

I didn’t know those things, I had to learn those things.  Fast forward to today, and boy has my mind changed.

  • I studied those things
  • I got immersed in those things
  • I had to get OBSESSED with those things
  • I had to get COMMITTED to knowing those things. 

I’ve learned so much and now, I am enjoying and reaping the benefits of knowing social media. I’ve gotten to know some fantastic people and I was eventually able to cut off the golden handcuffs of a long-time six-figure job because of the benefits of KNOWING social media had created for me.

Don’t say NO to social media: Learn to KNOW social media.

An open mind opened my eyes. Let me open yours and share with you what I now KNOW.


Corey Dissin

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