The Cobra Kai reboot chronicling the perils of Daniel & Johnny, along with the flashbacks to the teachings of Mr. Miyagi got me thinking how much this pop-culture phenomenon parallels your marketing journey.

Have you had YOUR Karate Kid moment?

In your pursuit of career success, so many of you only focus on that climactic tournament victory at the end of the original story.

The problem?

You forget all of the LITTLE steps Daniel took to be able to score that BIG kick on Johnny; sand the floor, paint the fence, and wax on / wax off.  Daniel repeated all of those mundane tasks, questioning what that toil had to do with martial arts, then when he was finally fed up, he had his “Karate Kid Moment.

Mr. Miyagi threw a flurry of kicks and punches at Daniel. And because Daniel put in the work, his muscle memory allowed him to replicate those sanding, painting, & waxing movements to properly “do karate.”

That step-by-step approach is what’s necessary to achieve YOUR winning kick & marketing journey ROI.

Daniel didn’t know how to effectively sand a deck, wax a car, or paint a fence. He was SHOWN HOW by a trusted teacher.

Are you ready to trust a teacher & put in the work to score YOUR winning kick?

Let’s GO GET your Karate Kid moment.


Corey Dissin

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