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Today we’re going to talk about a very powerful and simple tool that you can use to really show client appreciation. I really think it’s a lost art because I don’t see it all the time – t is something I do ALL the time.

If you bring in a new client, if you get a referral, if someone does you a favor, send them a handwritten thank-you note. This is a simple, yet powerful tool in building your success.

It could be something like a $5 dollar box of generic Thank You notes from Target, Walmart, or the local drugstore. You could also get something a little fancier that you customize with your logo.  Either way, include in one of these cards a handwritten message that says, “Hey, I really appreciate what you did for me,” or, “I really appreciate you coming on board and being my client.” Make sure to stick a big Thank You in there, toss in your business card and get it out in the mail. You’ll want to do this very quickly after the transaction or favor was done.

The fact that you take the time to handwrite a message shows your genuine,  authentic, and it shows you give a crap about the person who stuck their neck out for you – either by pointing you to a piece of business or took money out of their wallet and is paying you for your service.

So, whether you spend $5 or order some cool customized thank-you cards from Vista Print or something, get a book of stamps and start sending them out. Show your appreciation to the people you care about. The people that are feeding your sales funnel, and that are feeding your business.

Simply, start showing client appreciation today and watch your success grow!



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