Remember the popular 80’s cartoon The Smurfs?

Beyond their azure skin tone, they were known for having their own unique language where the word “smurf” was substituted for whatever noun, verb, or adjective that was being used in a sentence.

For example:

“Let’s smurf on over to the park.”


“What a smurfy good idea!”

As I’m in the business of keeping my finger on the pulse of social media in the voiceover industry, the reverberance in the echo chamber is DISS-couraging.



“Here’s another VOICEOVER sample.”

“Here’s my VOICEOVER studio.”

“Here’s how I prepare for a VOICEOVER session.”

The bubble-babble goes on and on and on.

Blah, blah-blah-blah-blah.

You are so much more than just a voice talent!

But because so many of you do not know what/how to post and/or have no strategy in place to post consistently, you default to what gets recognized easily by your industry peers (and what’s flooded with iterations from the VOICEOVER lexicon.)

Social media marketing is LESS about sharing content about what you DO with others that do THE SAME AS YOU. . .

And MORE about sharing who you ARE and building know, like, and trust with STRANGERS THAT CAN HIRE YOU. . .

Clients want to get to know you as a person. THAT is what your content is for. Your social media profiles and your webpage (if formatted properly), should explain your service just fine.

Unless you are primarily a voiceover coach, demo producer, industry conference, or other tech vendor. . .

Stop being so smurfy!

Invest to learn how to create the type of content helps to cultivate relationships with potential clients to make money and grow your business.

I will continue to hammer this point home until I’m blue in the face. ????