Punch Your Ticket On the Go Get It Express

There is no quick fix or short-cut to your business success, but it is possible to learn and embrace a dedicated process to pursue your passion. Although the road to achieve your goals can be long, through a series of deliberate routines and systems, you will develop the endurance to collect small wins on the way to your ultimate professional victory.

With Corey as a part of your team, you will be entrusting him to help differentiate you and provide you with grassroots guidance during your marketing coaching sessions which could include:

  • Creating a unique selling position that you can embrace

  • Refreshing and formatting your LinkedIn profile and Instagram bio

  • Learning techniques and best practices to boost your social media engagement

  • Developing branded pillar content and micro-content

  • Organizing your custom content calendar

  • Constructing compelling marketing emails and social media messages

  • Cultivating your lead list

  • Implementing tried-and-true tactics for cold-calls and follow-ups

  • Utilizing time management techniques

  • Transforming your activity into productivity

Think of Corey as your Creative Director, Social Media Advisor, and Sales Manager all wrapped up into one!

Once you’re on-board, you can expect to have up to 2 routine phone calls per month along with text/emails/social media messaging as needed throughout the month to achieve the objectives Corey sets forth for you.