Hey Everybody, it’s time to go ONE MORE ROUND – brought to you by Corey’s Fight C.L.U.B.

I’m going to tell you what the number one tool is for your in-person meetings that will say you mean business so you can make a memorable first impression.

I want you to think about this. I spend a lot of time preaching the benefits of being online and posting on social media.  With tools like Skype, Zoom, video conferencing, and FaceTime, you get all this interaction – with less time spent in the same room.

When you get the opportunity to have a face to face meeting; an opportunity to break bread with a client, or potential client, or you’re giving a pitch – whatever it is; when you get these opportunities I want you to use this tool and I want you to use it effectively.

By using this number one tool when you are meeting somebody face-to-face, it will instantly let them know where you’re coming from.  So, what’s this tool? It’s your handshake

I am a big, BIG stickler for a firm handshake.  If I meet you for the first, second, or third time and you kind of give me one of these limp, lazy grasps without any type of passion shaking my hand, I’m going to get the impression that you are not interested in what I have going on. You really don’t care. You really don’t want to be involved.

I want someone to shake my hand aggressively as if I’m falling off a cliff and you’re the only person to help me from hitting the bottom. I’m hanging on to that hand. That’s how you need to grip a hand. Because when you give me that handshake, you are saying a few things. You’re saying your confidant and you’re serious. You’re telling me you mean business as well as saying that you care about what I am going to talk about with you.

When you do the opposite, lazy, limp handshake – you’ve got me turned off immediately.  So hell, don’t be afraid to, when you get that firm handshake, BOOM put that hand in there and say “Hey it’s good to see you,” or grab the back of the elbow and say, “Man, I’m happy to be in your company today.” That’s what a firm handshake says.

So go old-school.  Get that firm handshake, make a good memorable first impression, and GO GET IT!


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