It’s shiny…

It’s soapy and clean…

It reminds you of fun and care-free play when you were a child…

However, as an adult entrepreneur, it might actually be a not-so-safe way to spend your time as you try to grow your business.

Communicating only to your colleagues INSIDE your bubble may provide you with plenty of warm and comfortable high-fives and pats on the back. It may even contribute to increased likes, comments, and views on your content… But for true career security, you have to learn how to leverage your peer network & disseminate your message OUTSIDE of the thin & fragile surface of your bubble.

🔘 Force yourself to meet new people.

🔘 Knock on doors of unfamiliar houses.

🔘 Make phone calls that are ICE cold.

🔘 Send unsolicited emails.

🔘 Accept connections & followers not in your niche or specific industry.

🔘 Invite a stranger to a virtual coffee.

The key to developing KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST is to cultivate it with contacts BEYOND THE BUBBLE that do not currently KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST you. That cultivation helps to convert contacts into paying clients, providing career security 💰.

GO GET out of your bubble.


Corey Dissin

Marketing. Branding. Social Media. Motivation.


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