Welcome to Go Get It LIVE with Corey Dissin – the undisputed heavyweight champion of content.  In today’s episode, we dive into the elements of a winning voiceover website.  Better yet to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, I’m giving you 5 elements to a winning website, plus 5 basic ways you should be marketing, which is 5+5 on 5/5, and it doesn’t stop there, at the end of this video I’m going to offer you another 5 tips that cover some mistakes you’re probably making with your voiceover website.


Some of the key points we cover today:

  • We cover the top 5 elements to a winning voiceover website
  • Secondary element options to boost your website
  • 5 basic ways to successfully market your website

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, voiceover talent, small business owner, or freelancer – there is a pile of helpful information about how to tweak your elements to drive more business to your voiceover website. Enjoy this video to kick your GO GET IT GAMEPLAN into action!

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