I see so many ridiculously talented folks in the voiceover industry who, unfortunately, are so preoccupied and enamored with their own SKILL but wondering why the voiceover buying public doesn’t feel the same way about their abilities.  They then protest when their peers charge less yet end up earning more when they should be fixated on harnessing the WILL to get out of their comfort zones and relentlessly doing the unsexy toil to develop their KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factors to get noticed and be remembered.

Muhammad Ali said, “The WILL must be stronger than the SKILL.

So many entrepreneurs WANT to be successful. They WANT to create a loyal and expansive following. They WANT to have a lucrative full-time career, but they lack the WILL to show up and do the same mundane, repetitive, and boring tasks EVERY DAY, for MANY, MANY, MANY days, weeks, months, and even YEARS to attain what they advertise they WANT.

So whether you are in the voiceover industry, or any other industry, when you are WILLING to WILL…YOU WILL!




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