Welcome to Go Get It LIVE with Corey Dissin – the undisputed heavyweight champion of content.  In today’s episode we dive into the importance of Breaking Brand, utilizing effective resources to boost your branding, and covering the #1 mistake you’re probably making with your branding.  

You’ll want to listen to every word in today’s video in order to keep you EVER PRESENT in people’s minds as you build your GO GET IT GAMEPLAN. At the end of it all, I’ll tell you how you can get exclusive access to a 20 page guide of FREE content that will BOOST your branding efforts.



Some key points we cover today:

  • The importance of creating your own USP (Unique Selling Position), Why you need to define your USP, and what it includes.
  • There’s a difference between your BRAND and your BRANDING. 
  • The #1 Mistake that most of you make with your branding.
  • Are you committed to your brand?
  • 20 places where you should be Breaking Brand (and providing some helpful resources)
  • PLUS a bonus Q&A at the end

Whether you’re a voiceover talent, freelancer, or other entrepreneurs – there is helpful information for all. Enjoy the video and kick your GO GET IT GAMEPLAN into action!

Don’t forget to comment below or send me an email asking for the Breaking Brand List and I’ll get you hooked up with your FREE downloadable guide. That’s 20 pages of FREE information to boost your branding efforts!




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