Competitive Sprinters are Amazing Athletes.

These athletes are able to generate an extreme amount of power to maximize their performance for around ten seconds. They routinely work with a prestigious coach, often utilize the best gear, and they do all they can to train to be successful for a short burst.

But what if the sprinter had to run 26 miles instead of 100 meters?

The preparation would need to be much different or else the sprinter would run out of gas very quickly and most likely end up quitting.

I see this mistake being made over and over again in the voiceover industry.  SO many talents are working with the best performance coaches, collaborating with top-notch demo producers and spending a king’s ransom for name-brand microphones, sound booths, and computers.

Those are ALL necessary and wise investments.


Much like a sprint, those standard items and services serve to get you out of the starting blocks and make a splash for the short run, and if talent are not able to pivot to a different form of preparation, the prospect of completing a full marathon is much more daunting.

What is the missing piece to not only go the EXTRA mile but to run all 26 miles?


With a clearly defined marketing strategy and consistent daily processes, you can train to be successful, develop the stamina and endurance to expand your network and cultivate direct relationships with voiceover purchasers over the LONG HAUL.

The longer you “run”, and the harder you “train”, you sharpen the skills needed to finish the race. . .

  • Branding skills
  • Social media engagement skills
  • Content marketing skills
  • Emailing and direct messaging skills

These skills allow you to be better KNOWN, LIKED, and TRUSTED.

Skills that help you to WIN.

And by the way… there’s a coach for that too.

Guess who?




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