Welcome to Go Get It LIVE with Corey Dissin.  In today’s episode, we dive into how you can generate content – creating multiple posts from 1 piece of content in order to keep you EVER PRESENT in people’s minds. We’ll go into more detail about how you can break down the steps of your own GO GET IT GAMEPLAN each week to duplicate the process and help you to generate over 150 online messages by the end of any given month.


I discuss with you how to MAXIMIZE your piece of content through my 5 step process so you get great tips and tricks.

Step 1) Record a video

Step 2) Transcribe it 

Step 3) Strip the audio from the video

Step 4) Pull 2 quotes from the transcript

Step 5) Screenshot from the video


During the video, we’ll break down my 7-day process which spreads your content across the various social media platforms to help you with your posting schedule.

Day 1: Use the screenshot for a “Teaser Graphic” for when your video will be released = 7 posts

Day 2: Post the video on your various pages = 7 posts 

Day 3: Publish the Blog = 7 posts

Day 4: Share Podcast = 7 posts

Day 5: Share Quote #1 graphic = 7 posts

Day 6: Share Quote #2 graphic = 7 posts

Day 7: Brainstorm and create your next video


Learn more and maximize your efforts! 

This video covers GREAT tips and tricks as you generate content; offering up some helpful references to FREE online platforms, websites, programs, and other handy suggestions to keep you top of mind. So don’t wait any longer – WATCH IT!



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