Hey Everybody, it’s time to go ONE MORE ROUND – brought to you by Corey’s Fight C.L.U.B. and today I want to talk about something that’s kind of sticking in my craw a little bit. I want to address a need to avoid bad business practices and stop outing your peers online.

Of course, I’m a huge fan of social media – a tremendous proponent of it as it applies to entrepreneurship, developing business, and getting people to know and trust you.  I can talk on and on about the values of social media in that respect, but as a byproduct, there’s an opposite thing that has been happening more. I see it all the time. Especially in the pool that I swim in with voice talent, media production, and advertising.

I see a lot of groups popping up and I read a lot of posts where certain folks feel compelled that they have to ‘out’ a person, or a company.  These individuals deem that the other party is doing unscrupulous business practices or that they’re critiquing some aspect of how much they’re being billed, charged, or served – whatever. They feel that they have to tell the online community and make an announcement informing others to beware of so-and-so stating things like their approach is BS and ba ba ba… you get it.

I got a problem with that.  I got a REAL problem with that. If you really, truly had an issue with a certain business person; if you really, REALLY were bothered by that individual, you would have the courage to either meet with them or call them on the phone and have a discussion to air your grievances.  But to do this blindly from the safety of your laptop, or cell phone and to enter in all sorts of vicious critiques… and hey, it may be true, but to put all this information out like that – without the benefit of the other person being there at the same time to give their side of the story, isn’t right.

There’s an old expression, “No matter how thinly you slice an onion, there are always two sides.” You got to remember that.  I just don’t get why folks practice this. I don’t get why those who jump on some Facebook group and blow somebody up would never look that person in the eye and go “I got a problem with you.”

Some folks might have a problem with me, and hey, that’s fine. You know there’s another old expression, “If you want to be the frog, then leap.” You know where to find me. Give me a call. I’m always happy to talk it over with you.

Let’s save the critique for in-person. Let’s save all of this vicious, what could be nonsense, all this vitriol and save it for having a one-on-one conversation with that person, or business.

One last tip, just go turn the channel. Turn the spigot off on that business and don’t work with them anymore. What folks forget is that it’s like a big blue marble out there. There’s a hat for every head. You don’t know how many happy customers that individual has that are just fine with how they’re doing business. Let’s return a little bit of decency here and, to not offend my female friends, let’s “man up.”

If you have a problem with somebody, either address them directly, simply change the channel, or dial it down. Don’t blow them up on social media or else you’re really not being social. You’re kinda being antisocial.

Do me this favor.  Next time something happens, go get involved in a one-on-one discussion if there’s someone that you’d rather see doing their business a little differently. Be a professional and avoid bad business practices.



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