Hey Everybody, welcome to ONE MORE ROUND – brought to you by Corey’s Fight C.L.U.B. and I want to talk to you about how you can boost your presence in social media today. You’ll want to employ this tactic right away if you’re not doing it already, in regards to your content marketing and that’s called cross-pollination.

Have you ever had a contact reach out to you saying, “Man, I see you everywhere!” Well, if that’s NOT happening for you, start doing what I’m about to explain.

Cross-pollination is making sure three things happen. First, you are sharing your content, the SAME content, on multiple platforms. What you’re putting on LinkedIn, you’re putting on Instagram, you’re putting on Twitter, YouTube, etc. Number two, you want to be making sure that you are connected to the same folks on Twitter, the same folks on LinkedIn, the same folks on Facebook. You want to make sure that every possible person you’re connected to can find you on these various platforms and number three, you don’t want to be afraid to say, on Twitter, “Hey, go subscribe to my YouTube channel” or on LinkedIn, “Hey, follow me on Facebook,” etc.

You want to make SURE that any person that sees you on any particular platform has the opportunity to bump into you on the other ones because here’s the reality: you don’t know the exact consumption habits of the people that follow you. 

Everyone has their favorite platform that they spend most of their time on, but they do tend to spend a limited amount of time on the other platforms. You just don’t if it’s Facebook first, or LinkedIn at lunch, or YouTube after dinner, or Twitter on break! You just don’t know. But if you are cross-pollinating, if you are getting that content on all the various platforms, if you are connecting with the same people on the various platforms, then what you are ensuring is you’re going to be, what’s called, ever present.

Ever present, that means anytime someone logs on and checks their feed and scrolls through, then they have an opportunity to bump into you. That’s what we’re shooting for. We want to get people to bump into you and be top-of-mind so that way when they DO come to make a decision, a buying decision, on a product or service that is similar to yours, they will remember YOU. 

They will go to visit you. They will think “Oh wow, I saw him on Twitter yesterday” and will remember what you posted on Facebook because they spent time there and bumped into you there. So, it’s very important to cross-pollinate your content. 

I will say we’re not talking about posts of your Aunt Bertha’s blueberry pie that she made on Thanksgiving; a picture of you and your significant other at a posh restaurant, or pictures of the kids dressed up for Halloween. That’s not the content I’m talking about.

I’m talking about branded content that helps bring value and attention while attracting customers to your business. For that type of content, it is okay to put it on Facebook, pop it on LinkedIn, throw it up on Twitter, or make a YouTube video out of… Heck! Put it on your blog or even create a podcast. Have similar types of content and all these different venues streaming all at once, so that you are ever-present, okay?

So go be ever present, go cross-pollinate on your social media today, and Go Get It!


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