That plumber you just hired to install new fixtures in your bathroom posts this on FB: “YAHOO! I just charged the Johnsons 17 GRAND to pop in a sink & toilet. Wouldn’t take a penny less!

Or the painter who threw a few coats on your den posts: “Thanks to the Smiths for bucking up 8K for that 2-day job!

Would you hire them again?

Would you consider that professional?

Then WHY do I keep seeing posts from “professional” voice talent boasting about how much they earned for a project? Earth to those knuckleheads… The REAL pros never announce that kind of stuff.

I ran a production company for almost 30 years doing spots for mom and pops to behemoth entertainment companies & everyone in between. You wanna know the quickest way to burn a bridge? Start blabbing how much you made on one of our projects. Wanna know how to get me to hit delete on your email hitting me up for business? Have posts like that visible on your socials. Yeah. Big time shot-callers do their due diligence.

NDA or not… The amount of money you bill for a project should be privy to 3 people, & 3 people ONLY: You, your client, & your accountant.

Need any other tips to properly run your VO biz? Hit me up. I won’t post what I charge you.


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