▶️ Your professionally produced demo is all done. NOW WHAT?

🎙️ The Neumann or Sennheiser hangs in the studio. NOW WHAT?

🗣️ You worked with an A-list performance coach. NOW WHAT?

🌐 You attended an on-line conference packed with industry celebs. NOW WHAT?

🧍‍♂‍🧍‍♀‍ You joined a few VO social media groups. NOW WHAT?

✍️ You signed with an agent. NOW WHAT?

All of the above are feathers in your cap for sure, but none assure you that the flood gates will open with orders for your VO business.

The real way to advance your career does not involve some magic tool or event… It involves doing a handful of basic and unsexy things well and relentlessly repeating them over a long period of time.

What will YOU do when the glare from the shiny objects wears off?

What will you do when the honeymoon is over?


Corey Dissin
Marketing. Branding. Social Media. Motivation.


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