This person has a white coat. Does that make him a doctor?

This person is standing in a hospital. Does that make him a doctor?

This person is wearing a stethoscope. Does that make him a doctor?

The coat, hospital, and stethoscope don’t make him a doctor. That equipment just creates the “image” of a doctor.

Education makes him a doctor. His patients make him a doctor. The billable practice he presides over makes him a doctor.

Being a professional voice talent involves more than having a boothie taken behind a mic. More than a high-dollar demo with a big-name producer. More than volunteering for a project on a Discord server. More than a self-made logo or DIY website with “vo” in the url.

When you understand the difference between being a doctor and posing as one in front of the camera, you will learn how to truly “operate” a voice-over BUSINESS.

Are you ready to put in the hard work to get your medical degree?



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