Treat your marketing like brushing your teeth!

What if you only brushed your teeth once or twice per week? Can you imagine the havoc that would wreak on your oral health?

It’s a crazy premise I know, because you’ve brushed your teeth every day for so many days in a row now that you can’t even conceive the notion of NOT brushing your teeth because brushing your teeth is not a chore.

Brushing your teeth is not something you enter into your calendar if you can fit it in.

You just do it.

It’s automatic.

It’s a habit.

It’s a habit that’s good for you.

Start treating your marketing like brushing your teeth because for many of you, it’s like pulling them.  And if you have issues with your teeth, or if you’re not sure how to take care of them properly, it’s time to GO GET a dentist.


Corey Dissin

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