STOP using these 4 words, they are SABOTAGING your business growth!

Every time you say, “I can’t afford it,”  you are taking the easy exit off the long and hard road it takes to become successful.

It’s EASY to say “I can’t afford it,” because that gives you the justification to divert your attention from the tough questions you’re not asking yourself:

  • “What can I DO EXTRA to afford it?”
  • “What can I GO WITHOUT to afford it?”
  • “Is IT my TOP PRIORITY?”

I’m sure there will be some of you who will get offended when you read this.  GOOD.  Please take offense.

You’ll say, “But Corey, I have a lot of bills…and I simply don’t have the extra money/time I need to pursue my goals right now.”

Well, GO GET off your rear-end and MAKE it!

Get up earlier!

Stay up later!

Turn off the TV!

There are 24 hours in a day. Start using ALL of them!

How bad do you want IT?

When I traversed 3,000 miles across the country to the new HQ in California, I did it after my income went DOWN six-figures. And I did it with my rent going UP by nearly 150%!

If I said “I can’t afford it,” I’d still be sitting in Pennsylvania pointing fingers at all of the people that made me miserable, and all of the personal and professional victories I’ve enjoyed since would have just been daydreams.


I traded in two expensive vehicle payments for one modest lease.

I sold my home to transition to a smaller apartment.

I cashed in a portion of my 401K.

And then…


I didn’t mope and complain that I didn’t have the money… I figured out how to GET IT!  I didn’t squander my time chasing shiny objects and peer patronage.  I hopped off the hamster wheel of perpetual student hood and learned by DOING.  I focused on cultivating relationships and closing deals… PERIOD.

Everything else was secondary.

So, you can sit around wishing and whining… Or you can take massive action to start working and winning!

You CAN afford it!

Stop procrastinating.

Stop making excuses.

Stop soaking up all the sympathy in the cozy confines of the echo chamber.


Do what it takes to GO GET IT! 👊

Corey Dissin

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