Chicken or Egg: which REALLY comes first?

I don’t have the money to invest in marketing.

I’m not landing enough business to generate money to invest in marketing.

This is a common refrain in the voiceover industry.

In an effort to tackle this conundrum, some will hire a top-notch performance coach. Session after session, the craft usually improves, yet the floodgates of business never open.

Some will pony-up big time for a big-time audio demo. The track is a masterpiece, the pats on the back from your peer’s spike, & then you’re still waiting by the phone.

Some will shred some cheddar on a fancy logo or website. The colors pop & the site is slicker than cat sh*t on a linoleum floor, & then after the honeymoon wears off, the needle has yet to move.

Marketing too often takes a back seat:

I have a LinkedIn profile

I can do Instagram myself.”

I know how to write an email.”

The coaching, demos, & branding assets do not create business just because you have them.  Additional action must be taken. So, is it REALLY you don’t have the money to invest? You don’t see the value in investing in MARKETING over the other shiny objects? Maybe you’re just CHICKEN? Or you could be afraid to make that tasty omelet by breaking a few EGGS.

Think about that, then ACT.


Corey Dissin

Marketing. Branding. Social Media. Motivation.


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