🔥 THIS IS A MATCH 🔥 and for many of you, this is what your business marketing looks like.

Whether it’s a handful of sessions with a top-notch performance coach, a big-time audio demo, a fancy logo, or a website, you excitedly strike that match…expecting that those goodies will ignite an instant firestorm of business… only to discover that the flame dissolves as quickly as your bank balance after you click “AUTHORIZE PURCHASE.”

The coaching, demos, & branding assets do not create business just because you have them.

Additional action must be taken.

And that action is a SLOW BURN…

It’s an ember routinely stoked with the right amount of oxygen to generate heat over a sustained period of time.

One day you’ll need to decide if you want to keep churning and burning matches or if you want to learn how to truly bring the heat to your business marketing…one glowing cinder at a time.

Can you smell what I’m cookin?


Corey Dissin

Marketing. Branding. Social Media. Motivation.


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