⏱️ It’s NOT that you DON’T HAVE THE TIME to create and post content frequently, it’s that you don’t know how to MANAGE YOUR TIME to create and post content frequently.

Yesterday alone went for me as follows:

✅ 6 different pieces of content generated
✅ 32 separate posts done MANUALLY across 4 platforms
✅ 2 coaching calls
✅ 1 live show
✅ 1 virtual coffee meeting
✅ 1 phone meeting with my head designer at The Dissin Design Team
✅ 1 invoice generated & payment processed for another

PLUS a pit stop at the post office, a 90-minute workout, AND a sit-down dinner with my wife. Not to mention all of the engagement with my network across my socials & the smattering of personal texts & calls I answered throughout the day.

How to organize & prioritize your schedule is a skill that you can learn. So is how to pump out content like a machine. ⚙️ Once you master those, your productivity will skyrocket 🚀 & your network will 💥 explode. You just have to get out of your own way & ask for help.

I’ll MAKE THE TIME to show you how to manage your time.


Corey Dissin
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