STOP making this LinkedIn Mistake and START Advancing Your Voiceover Career!

What’s going on GO GET IT NATION! It’s time to go get real for a moment – talking about Agents. I’m seeing a lot online with ‘this talent’ has signed with this agency, or ‘that talent’ has landed with another agency. I think that is GREAT. That is a HUGE milestone on your go get it checklist as far as advancing your voiceover career is hooking up with an agent. I couldn’t be happier for you. Keep doing it. However, and you knew there was however coming, on your LinkedIn profile, stop entering that information under ‘Experience’ as if your agent is your employer. 

The agent is NOT your employer. If anything, the Agent WORKS FOR YOU! 

Just remember that.

Just do a regular announcement post on your LinkedIn feed that says, “Hey, I just signed with X talent agency – hooray for me!”  That works perfect, but as far as the ‘Experience’ section goes on LinkedIn, the only company related to your voiceover business should be YOUR voiceover business!

That is who you work for.



Corey Dissin

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