It takes a special kind of entrepreneur to GO GET IT. 👊

Someone who is not afraid of being held accountable.

Someone who understands a marathon is completed by a series of small steps.

Someone who is willing to learn that “consistency over time yields results.” (Thank you, Dana Cavalea).

Someone who is ready to “build the airplane as they fly it.” (Thank you, Wendy Maynard).

Someone who believes that “the grind includes Saturday and Sunday.” (Thank you, Steve Nudelberg).

Someone who understands that in order to get a worthwhile return on an investment, you actually have to make a worthwhile investment.

Someone who is prepared to focus on unsexy and boring tasks that are often undervalued and overlooked.

Someone who is not clouded by the pixie dust fantasy world of industry celebrities.

Someone who accepts the reality that the babble in the bubble does not build your billing.

Someone who buys in to ignoring the fear of missing out.

Are you that someone?

Are you that special kind of entrepreneur?

Let’s find out.



Corey Dissin

Marketing. Branding. Social Media. Motivation.


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