AI in the Voiceover Industry – It’s NOT the Enemy!

Go Get It Nation! What I’m about to talk about is directed more towards my voice talent friends. You see, when you spend thirty plus hours and around seventeen hundred miles in the car, like I did the last 4 days, you have a lot of opportunity to ponder. To organize your thoughts. To soak in the quiet and reflect. 

During that time I was analyzing and assessing some recent chatter that’s popping up more and more on social media. 

A very well known organization run by well respected industry pro’s are getting eviscerated right now because they dared to speak positively about AI “Artificial Intelligence.” 

Now, this recent group tantrum is yet another example of just how weak and fragile many of the voiceover community are, and why a show like Dissipline that champions strength and self reliance needs to exist to push back against that BS and empower all of you to take charge of your careers. 

If you are contributing to empathising with, worrying about, or piling on to this backlash – Cut. It. Out. We have seen this movie before, people! 

Voice123 is going to kill the voiceover industry. is going to kill the voice industry.

Fiverr is going to kill the voiceover industry.

And now… 

AI is going to kill the voiceover industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are NOT Chicken Little and the sky is NOT falling.  Wake up! Get over it. Adapt and overcome. The voiceover police are not coming to save you here. The toothpaste is out of the tube already guys! 

Many of you utilize AI right now. You’re doing self checkout at the grocery store, you’re getting your tickets at the airports from the Kiosks,  you’re using Alexa – we could go on, and on.  I don’t see these folks that are complaining right now, taking their smartphones and throwing them in the river or they are picketing outside their local grocery store. It ain’t happening! 

You gotta make a decision, right now. You can continue to flounder in your insecurity and whine and complain that your precious voiceover industry is under attack or you can ditch the pity party and focus your energy on cultivating direct relationships with other human beings that happen to hire voiceover people. What a novel concept. 

So, let me say this – it’s time to suck it up buttercup. Stop devoting all your time to bashing and the bandwagons, re-channel that passion and expand your network. Build your ‘know, like and trust,’ use the free tools that are out there that help you do that at scale – and if you don’t know how to do that, ask someone who does!

Remember, AI in the voiceover industry – it’s NOT the enemy!


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