Hey Everybody, it’s time to go ONE MORE ROUND – brought to you by Corey’s Fight C.L.U.B.

I talk to people all the time, and a big concern is how to find new leads. How are you going to fill your funnel to make more sales, and you know, when you’re prospecting sometimes the best new business is business you already had.

Now back in the day, I used to sit at my desk, and I would thumb through one of these things–the old fashioned Rolodex. It’s here where I kept business cards for clients, colleagues, and people that I communicated with regularly; and I would sit at my desk, flip through those cards reminding me that, “Oh, I haven’t talked to this guy in a while… or it’s been a while since we did a spot with this person.” So, I would jump on the phone and give him a call, or send him an email, and sometimes that would resuscitate a buying conversation.

The other day I even had one of my clients, a current client, contact me and he said something like, “Hey, what do you think? I was going through some old invoices from 2007 and was looking through some of the names and the companies that I did some work for. I think I’m going to ‘re-reach’ out to them. Maybe connect with them on social media.“ I told him that, man it was an awesome idea.

The lesson learned here is you don’t always have to do a brand new Google search or pay for some list to try to find new leads.

So grab the old Rolodex, skim through it, and you might just find there’s a piece of new business from your old business.




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