Hey Everybody, welcome to ONE MORE ROUND – brought to you by Corey’s Fight C.L.U.B.

Today is a very special day, let me tell you why. Today is your ‘Liberation Day.’ It’s the day that I am going to ‘liberate’ you from the fear of sales. Because I know, for a lot you out there, when it comes to the time where you think, “I got to make my cold calls,” you’re looking at that phone on your desk, or your holding that cell phone in your hand; you got to dial those digits, and you’re getting ready to call that person and say, “Hey, are you interested; would you buy from me?” I know that is VERY intimidating for some.

The fact that you literally have to dial those numbers or type that email address in your Outlook, MailChimp, or on your Constant Contact… It’s a SCARY process for some of you. Then when you have to take it the one step further blasting your message out saying, “Hey, here’s my service; will you buy it?” That’s VERY SCARY!

Today, you’re going to be ‘liberated’ from that fear of sales and here’s how we’re going to do that. I want you to look at the list you have of your potential customers. Let’s just say that list is a hundred strong – hopefully, it’s several hundred to a thousand strong- because you’ve been doing all the necessary prospecting to collect all your leads.  Anyways, let’s just start with a hundred. 

Out of those 100 contacts, it’s better for you to have 99 enemies and 1 client than 100 friends. I’m going to say that again. It is better for you to have 99 enemies and 1 client than 100 friends.

Of those ninety-nine folks, they are people you pissed off because you interrupted their day; you charged them too much; you bugged them; you called them too often; you spoke to the wrong person and so on… All of those hurdles that you generally have a tough time clearing to make those 100 calls, I’m giving you permission to say, “That’s okay.” 

Go piss 99 people off. Go make 99 mistakes. Because from those ninety-nines you’re going to find that one client that’s going to pay you, and that’s hopefully going to be a repeat client who’s going to make you forget all about those ‘ninety-nine’ – and stop worrying about making 100 friends. That’s what’s crippling you.

You gotta get people to move through the funnel. You can’t please everyone. It’s got to be very binary. On or off. They’re interested or they’re not. They can afford you or they can’t. They’re willing to negotiate or they’re not. They are ready to buy from you today or they’re not. Make those decisions to get them to either be in the ninety-nine or to eventually be the ‘one.’ 

Stop trying to please everybody.  So go ahead, it’s okay. Go make some enemies today, and GO GET IT!