Hey, it’s time to go ONE MORE ROUND – brought to you by Corey’s Fight C.L.U.B.

Today I want to talk about something pretty cool and that’s how to maximize your time and increase income-producing activity.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I was sitting and just flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. I actually had a brief moment where I wasn’t working and came across a movie with Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness, where he plays Chris Gardner.

There was a part in this movie where I was like: “Oh my god! I HAVE to talk about this on One More Round.” It’s the scene where Chris was doing his internship at a brokerage, but because he was a single father, he was required to make the same amount of calls in six hours than his co-workers would make in nine. He was explaining, in this scene, how he could shave things off of his day to maximize his minutes so that he can get everything done in less time.

Chris discussed doing things like, not hanging up the phone between calls because he had to make a certain amount of cold calls.  He took the time to calculate in his head, that if he didn’t hang up the phone between each call, he would save eight minutes a day. Another thing he did, he said: “I’m not going to take water breaks because if I take a break to drink water, not only am I missing that time on the phone but then I won’t have to take a bathroom break, which will take me away from the phone even longer.”

Now, of course, this is a movie and it’s an extreme example but it really does exemplify what you have to do to maximize your minutes. To be extremely efficient. To make sure everything that you do as you chase your entrepreneurial goal is ‘hyper-focused.’ It’s focused on income-producing activity.

If what you’re doing every day is not an income-producing activity – you need to cut the fat off of your day, and only focus on that until you achieve said goal. Remember that.

Go be like Will Smith, go be like Chris Gardner and GO GET IT!