Hey, Voice Talent!  Is it a coincidence that the same folks that question the effectiveness of social media marketing insist on continually posting content targeted towards their peers?

Moral support from colleagues is nice.

Financial support from clients is nicer.

You can keep fooling yourself that those 50 thumbs up from your fellow actors mean something, but those drive-by interactions do not pay for rent or groceries.

A cheering section is not a check book register.

Peers do not create paychecks.

Unless your CUSTOMERS are voice talent (i.e., demo producers, acting coaches), your content focus should not be directed at other voice talent if you are trying to grow your business.

What makes you “YOU” is SO MUCH MORE interesting than that.

The people who can actually compensate you for your service will gravitate to you when you consistently utilize the proper magnet.

When you learn what that magnet is, who to point it towards, and how to use it, you’ll find out just how powerful social media marketing can be.

FOOTNOTE: I consulted with exactly ZERO marketing or coaching professionals regarding the content of this article.


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