VOICE TALENT: Do you have a security blanket?

I hear it all the time…


I did _____ P2P auditions this week!

I’ve done _____ P2P auditions since I started and I’ve only landed _____ gigs.

I passed on that P2P audition because the rate was _____.


⏱️ All of that time invested in recording and editing those P2P auditions.

⏱️ All of that time chained to and waiting by the computer, hoping that you’ll be the first voice talent to respond to a P2P audition.

⏱️ All of that time wondering if your P2P audition was even OPENED.

⏱️ All of that time resenting P2P subscription fees and job rates.

⏱️ All of that time WASTED because none of the above contribute to building your KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor, which helps you to secure DIRECT relationships with LONG TERM CLIENTS.


Have you ever stopped to think about how things would be if you ditched the BLANKET to create some real SECURITY by spending TIME learning how to MARKET YOURSELF?  Or are you so afraid to get out of your comfort zone and control your own destiny that everything I just said sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher?

There IS another way to grow your business.  You just have to punch your ticket. 🎟️

The clock is ticking. . .⏱️



Corey Dissin

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