During our pop up round of Go Get It LIVE, we answer voiceover marketing questions from the Go Get It Nation and announce the winner, who punched the 100th ticket on the Go Get It Express! You won’t want to miss this episode. With all the incredible questions we got during the show we were able to cover a variety of topics including; social media strategy, email marketing, an invaluable resource for VO exposure, and so much more! 



Key Points from the Video:

  • How to design a marketing email message that breaks through the mass of emails being sent.
  • “You ARE who you SAY you are,” – Steve Nudleburg. We discuss the ‘As Is,’ mentality.
  • Why LinkedIn is the Mack-Daddy of social media
  • Announcing a BIG milestone for the Go Get It Nation – the 100th ticket winner!


It’s been an honor to have spent these past 2 years building up the Go Get It Nation and working with some of the most talented voice artists in the country.  I’m looking forward to the next two years (where we celebrate our 1000th member?!)  As always if you want to chat, hit me up with your voiceover marketing questions today!




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